B&Ps foldable doors are special constructions, ideal for covering large residential and business space openings.

The foldable door is the only door frame that allows us to open completely the entire opening. It is ergonomical, it has unique functionality and high aesthetics.

There is a possibility of manufacturing the frame with a recessed mechanism inside the flooring or with external floor . It can be manufactured in different types such as 3+1, 3+3 etc., depending on the needs of each space.

  • Φυσούνα 3+1 με συρόμενη δίφυλλη ασύμμετρη σίτα
  • Φυσούνα 3+1 με φόντο το ναυάγιο στην Ζάκυνθο
  • Φυσούνα Τετράφυλλη
  • Φυσούνα τρίφυλλη δεξιά
  • Φυσούνα τρίφυλλη σε αίθριο

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