Quality certifications in B&P products

It is an important advantage for a Greek company that manufactures wooden frames, to have earned certificates of excellence in quality. We own those certificates .We don’t just claim we are the best. We can prove it.



B&P faithful to the commitment to its customers for the continuous improvement of the production processes of its products,set as a goal the improvement of the produced product.It has ensured for its production process, the specifications of the quality management system of the international standard ΕΝ ΙSO 9001:2015 Q-CERT.


B&P provides its products by marking the strict standards set by the European Union.  The C.E marking means that our products meet the requirements of the
ΕΝ 14351-1:2010. The requirements of the standard were achieved thanks to the top performance of our products in the most valid laboratory testing of the PFB ROSENHEIM Germany Institute.

According to the institute’s inspections, the doors and windows of our company received the highest KLASSE 9A waterproofing values, 4 air permeability, sound insulation and thermal insulation, even compared to large houses abroad.


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