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B&P uses ROTO shutter mechanisms that provide the following useful advice:

Despite the use of the latest technology of paint used, however, care and regular maintenance of the shutter mechanisms is needed especially at coastal areas and islands so as to keep them in excellent condition on an aesthetic and functional level.

The mechanism maintenance doesn’t require special knowledge or special materials. It is adequate to be done in regular intervals .


  1. Lubrication of all detachable parts once a year with engine lubricant.
  2. Regular cleaning (washing) of the surface of all parts with soap and water. Caustic and acidic ingredients are not advised. Do not use.
  3. Regular examination of all parts. This way, you will be able to locate any wear-out from rust at the early stages. This will make it easier to solve the problem.
    You can paint the rusted points and by doing so the rust expansion will not be possible. We recommend lacquer “edding 750” paint marker, which is easy to use and effective.


We want our clients to enjoy their frames like new for as long as possible , so our company offers the care kit that Remmers recommends and provides.

Included you will find the special liquid cleaner which deeply cleans the wood pores in one application with the special cloth that is included.
Afterwards we apply one coat of the special lotion with the sponge provided.With this simple procedure, and without rubbing with sand paper, we add a coat of paint.
The shine of the dye on the frame surface is restored, it becomes waterproof and is protected against pollution.

All this is so simple and easy without requiring the hiring of specialists by the owner.

The timing of maintenance depends on the location of the building.
For coastal areas due to high humidity in the air and salt, once a year is adequate.

For island areas once every 3 years will suffice.

This is the way you will enjoy your frames like new, for a lifetime.


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