The wooden profiles New Line is a product of high quality manufactured by our company, integrates all modern technology, our experience and the excelllent imported materials, for a top final result.

The wooden profiles of New Line are made with grade A’ wood measuring at 68mmx82mm and with three pieces of wood pressed and fused together cut against the grain to avoid erosion.

We have the capability to manufacture different types such as:

    • Open in/out
    • Overlapping
    • Sliding
    • V.W Style
    • TORSO etc.

Points of excellence

The profile line “New Line” has :

    • Four elastics, two on the panel and two on the case for water tight excellence, thermal insulation and sound proofing.
    • Drip bottom, made by anodized aluminum with extra rubber for humidity/water basin.
    • The glass panels are double with basic dimensions of 5-15-4.
    • If a client chooses energy windows with argon gas etc., we can implement that.
    • The mechanisms are from well known companies such as Roto, Maco, and Siegenia etc.
    • The frame coloring is done by soaking, water solvent, environmentally friendly, nontoxic paints, of german technology with anti UV filters that protect against harmful sun radiation. The implementation of the paint is soaked in and sprayed in 4 layers.

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