Wooden Frames


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Wooden Entry Doors

The B&P company has the ability to build any entrance door design in all types of wood, satisfying even the most demanding architectural design, whether it is in a simple classic line, or in a Traditional design, or in a modern one.

We are designing together the Main Entrance that you dreamed of. There are no limits to our unlimited collection. Below we list some indicative designs of the wooden B&P front doors.

We design :
  • Wooden entry doors in classical line
  • Wooden entry doors in traditional line
  • Moder wooden entry doors

Wooden Balcony Doors

B&P wooden balcony doors are made with the aesthetics, functionality and architectural standards of each unique customer in mind.  However, they incorporate the vast experience of our company and the specifications of all its products certified by ISO and tested for their resistance to weather conditions and even to the extreme ones with the C.E mark by the famous German testing institute Rosenheim.

They can be made in any dimension and design.

We have wooden balcony doors made with taste by experienced craftsmen, in:
  • Traditional line
  • Monastic style
  • Modern line

Wooden Windows

B&P’s wooden windows are manufactured and driven by aesthetics , architectural standards, conditions which prevail in each specific area, and comfort in use.

We manufacture wooden window frames in a traditional style, monasterial style, and modern style, all made with passion by our experienced specialists.


Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are an integral part of Greek Architecture. Wooden shutters incorporate our company’s years of experience and technical knowledge.
The company’s products are certified according to the ISO standard and certified with the C.E trade mark by the renowned and recognized Institute Rosenheim of Germany, for their resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Indicatively we present some designs of the shutters we produce:
  • French panel
  • Platelet
  • Mykonian panel
  • Smile
  • Rabote

Foldable Doors

B&P’s foldable doors are special constructions, ideal for covering large residential and business space openings.
The foldable door is the only door frame that allows us to open completely the entire opening.
It is ergonomical, it has unique functionality and high aesthetics.


Sliding/Overlapping Frames H.B.S.

B&P overlapping sliding door frames are unique due to the coverage of large openings in business and residential spaces.
They provide more free space, available to the sunlight, the wonderful outdoor view, without interfering in-between dividers.
The panels slide open or shut on top of each other, taking up relatively less space and allowing larger passage ways.


Sliding/Construction products V.W.

B&P’s sliding constructions/products V.W style are especially made for small or large openings regarding windows or balcony doors.
Sliding means a panel that slides and overlaps the other, through a specially made mechanism so that it functions perfectly without wearing out.


Raised Torso Style Sliding Frames

The raised torso style sliding frames of B&P, offer unique flexibility in space, as they slide upright in an upward direction and they don’t take up any interior space.

They have the capability to stand at an inclined position and in addition to be stopped at whatever points the user desires.


Rotating Window Bilico

“Bilico” is a window of high beauty which offers air tight protection from both water and air at the same time, thanks to the excellent implementation of its mechanism’s multiple locking perimeter.
In this way it increases frame security against burglary.
It is an excellent window, guaranteed by B&P.

It serves well in cases where :

    • You do not want the partition windows to interfere with the landscape and you want to enjoy the view.
    • You do not have access to the exterior of the window, the possibility of rotation will give you the ability to clean easily the model.

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